Your Emotions and Your Food Choices

Do your emotions relate to your food choices?  Do your food choices affect your emotions? 

New research shows the relationship between brain chemicals such as dopamine to affect our motivational drives and behaviors with foods that are high in sugar, fat and salt. Do you choose to eat a candy bar or junk food when you feel tired and want a quick pick-me-up? Sugary-fatty “quick food fixes” provide immediate comfort but soon after eating these foods, your blood sugar crashes. When this happens, you may not be able to understand why you are suddenly feeling tired, sluggish or depressed.

What is this junk food habit really costing you?

​This eating style not only controls your actions but your food choices. Exposure to these foods stimulates connections to our neural circuits that cause us to want more. It also poses an obstacle to weight loss and puts your health at risk.

Learn new coping strategies​

In our work together, I will help you to acquire new individualized tools to overcome roadblocks around your eating habits and emotional patterns. You will learn a new approach to selecting healthy natural foods that will not affect mood-triggered eating.

Experience another method to handle your stress, anxiety or mild depression with mind-body therapies.

Become fully engaged and motivated to reach attainable goals

In my “Lighten-Up” program, the benefits are many, as you will soon develop new insights that are uniquely yours.  You will learn a new eating style to feel healthy, balance your energy, and feel better about yourself rather than to feel deprived. ​Eating and weight loss counseling helps you see things more clearly, and perhaps from a different perspective. By exploring ways to transform confusion, self’blame and judgment to self-compassion and self-discovery, you develop positive strategies to experience your feelings with acceptance. With these insights, you will be better able to have new choices and take action.

Experience new ways to handle emotional eating that have stopped you from moving forward.


How do we restore the confidence needed to take control of our lives?

Choose healthy foods, and help our bodies heal themselves!  

There are numerous self-help books, articles and educational TV programs that offer good advice about what to eat and what not to eat to stay healthy. But the fact is, other factors are at play when it comes to how we make our decisions.

Eating junk food is ubiquitous. We have easy access to quick foods that have saturated fat, sugar and salt snacks, which can be addictive. Think about the new dark chocolate bars coated with salt ready for you to grab at the checkout stand.

Some food manufacturers know how these food groups and combinations provide us with immediate gratification, and make us wired to crave these foods. Is it just about our willpower? With this in mind, exercising more self-control to make better food choices is one of the biggest challenges we face in our nation.

How do we restore the confidence we need to take control of our lives to eat a healthy diet? Rather than just being at the fate of our will power, we need the ability to strengthen our “skill power”.

Nutritional education is just one part of the solution to attain lasting results. My counseling provides each client the self-confidence and “skill power” we need to stay on track for healthy and natural weight loss.

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