Visual Metaphors in Art for Healing

Visual metaphors in art have been used throughout history to express ideas, thoughts, emotions and experiences. In my art, realism and abstraction distill the relationship between physicality and spirituality of life experience.

As an Art Facilitator and Counselor, I combine my background in decorative art with modalities of Transpersonal Psychology. In my classes we explore how visual metaphors can be used to enrich and deepen our connection with the “Transpersonal Self.”

Passage 2

Passage 1

By Alice Anne Millington (2015) Mixed Media


Art Journaling and Inward Focusing

The benefits of Art Journaling are innumerable.  Visual imagery reflects one’s personal story.  An image from a journal may inspire a written narrative or even a single word to encapsulate a felt sense.  “Gendlin gave the name ‘felt sense’ to the unclear, pre-verbal sense of ‘something’—the inner knowledge or awareness that has not been consciously thought or verbalized—as that ‘something’ is experienced in the body.” ( Combining narrative with images can be a process that stimulates self-inquiry and personal growth.

The Sacred Vessel

Sacred Vessel

Be still

Look within

Free from fear

Awakened Self is present