Alice Anne Millington is a Licensed Certified Counselor and received her Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University, Seattle.  She provides services to individuals who want to work through stress, anxiety, and self-defeating behavioral patterns such as unwanted food habits.  By applying Mindfulness-Based Practices, she helps clients discover their deeper emotional hungers to nourish the whole Self.  An artist and Expressive Art Facilitator, her somatic approach to healing through creativity is used as a transformative tool for inner nourishment.

As a Counselor, I help clients access their core memories, beliefs and attitudes. These can shape habits and behaviors that may limit our enjoyment of life. Applying Mindfulness Centered Therapies, I combine methods from Hakomi, Internal Family Systems, and Focusing for assisted self-discovery.

As an Art Facilitator, I apply a creative process for those who benefit from a non-verbal approach.  One exercise may explore how our internal dialogue affects how we respond such as the “inner critic or “nagging perfectionist.” This integrative approach with emotional eating focuses on a process of self-discovery to encourage wholeness and self-acceptance.



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